Health by Acupressure

An App to Learn and Visualize about Acupressure and the Energy Meridians.


  • All Energy Meridians in 3D
  • Animated Energy Flows
  • Acupressure Points
  • Visualize Notes


  • 14 Energy Meridians, with over 350 points
  • Acupressure Points for Ailments
  • Common, Overall Health and more Ailment categories
  • Search

Make Notes

  • Add your own point categories
  • Auto parsed notes
  • Custom Acupoints can be added to notes


  • Zoom, Rotate and Pan speeds
  • Constrain Rotation
  • View Modes and Font Size
  • Custom Categories and Custom Notes
  • Custom Notes


Q. When I press show notes in the Visualize screen the notes do not get highlighted?
A. To highlight just the points mentioned in the notes make sure you have switched off the meridians using the Toggle Meridians option under view meridians and you have selected show point names right and left under view modes. This would just show the points as mentioned in the note.
Q. I cannot see the meridian trajectory passing inside the cross section of the human body?
A. The app covers the meridian trajectory only on the surface of the body and not the meridian trajectory inside the human body.
Q. I am not able to add custom acupressure points with my own choice of point prefix?
A. Certain point prefixes are not allowed which match the built in point prefixes such as Liv, St, Sp etc. The full list of point prefixes which are not allowed are given in the help section.


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